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Laura Chenel’s Celebrates Regional Milk Producers & Springtime

Laura Chenel’s Celebrates Regional Milk Producers & Springtime

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Spring has sprung again, and with it, the spirit of celebration. Laura Chenel’s is not only celebrating spring as the season when its goat’s give birth to a new generation, but also with seasonal, whimsical new packaging and a continued commitment to its partners. To revel in the season, the company invited the families of the eighteen farms from which the company purchases fresh goat’s milk to produce its cheeses to join in on the festivities.

Manon Servouse, Brand Marketing Manager, Laura Chenel's“From the beginning, we have supported our network of independent goat farmers,” said Manon Servouse, Brand Marketing Manager at Laura Chenel’s. “Not only do our employees share their expertise on an on-going basis, the company also brings in experts from France to visit our partner farms throughout the year and provide technical assistance as needed. This, together with financial support, maximizes milk production, profitability, and the sustainability of our family farms.”

But don’t take Deli Market News’ word for it, during the reunion, many milk producers shared their own thoughts on the benefits of working with the creamery.

Laura Chenel's Springtime Goat Log Packaging

“I enjoy the people, they treat me as an individual; they treat me as family,” explained Patricia Spurgeon of Huricane-PM Dairy. “It’s just such a personal company; I love that I’m not just a production number. My family and I mean something to them, and Laura Chenel’s means something to us. And I’m proud knowing that my goats’ milk is used in their products that my friends and family can enjoy throughout the country.”

Another producer, Stephanie Rovey of Grande Ronde River Ranch, added, “Laura Chenel’s goes out of its way to use local, regional milk, which gives a local farm a future in the business; Laura Chenel’s is committed to us and to our business.”

As the company’s forty-year anniversary nears, Laura Chenel’s commented in a press release that it has continually been committed to handcrafting goat milk cheeses that reflect the distinctive regional terroir. In the spirit of that focus, Laura Chenel’s has spent its tenure forging long-term relationships with local and regional goat milk farmers. The company does not buy goat milk curd or imported goat’s milk.

Laura Chenel's Chevre

“It is no secret that in order to make a high-quality product, one must start with high-quality ingredients. And we recognize that farm-fresh milk deserves artisanal care,” continued Servouse. “Our collaboration with our farmers ensures their success, but also allows Laura Chenel’s to oversee the main ingredient in its products. And thanks to the accomplishments achieved through our partnerships, there is a growing interest from neighboring farmers to collaborate with us, continually expanding Laura Chenel’s alliances. Our family farmers are based here in California and nearby states. Several of these farmers have been working with us exclusively for 20 years. These mutually beneficial relationships allows both parties to grow together.”

As a culmination of these seasonal celebrations, Laura Chenel’s Original 11-ounce log and the three varieties of its 8-ounce log collection, Original, Garlic & Chives, and Pimento & Garlic, will bear the “Celebrate Springtime with Local Seasonal Milk” packaging, with a fresh green grass motif highlighted on the package until May 31, 2018.

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