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Lioni’s Burrata Con Tartufo Honored with Super Gold at the 2015 World Cheese Awards

Lioni’s Burrata Con Tartufo Honored with Super Gold at the 2015 World Cheese Awards

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

At the November World Cheese Awards held at the BBC Good Food Show Winter at the NEC, Birmingham, UK, one cheese came out on top—Lioni’s Burrata Con Tartufo. Lioni’s black truffle burrata was named one of the World’s 62 Best Cheeses, as well receiving the distinction of Super Gold.

Burrata Con Tartufo

At this year’s awards, a panel of 250 cheese experts gathered from around the world including Italy, France, Australia, Japan, and the USA, to judge over 2,700 entries with 62 of the world’s best cheeses selected for Super Gold awards. 

“Giuseppe and Salvatore Salzarulo, owners of Lioni Latticini feel privileged to have received such a prestigious honor at one of the most respected and largest cheese competitions in the world,” the New Jersey-based company shared in a press release. “Lioni is proud to be recognized and is pleased to continue to share this exceptional handcrafted Italian treasure.”

Lioni’s Super Gold Winner, Burrata Con Tartufo, features the rare black truffles from Italy’s region of Umbria. The panna, made from creamy milk, is merged with carefully spun pieces of curd called pasta filata, according to a press release, and the Italian truffles are then added for a rich, earthy, and aromatic flavor. With a pure flavor, creamy texture, and delicate blend of the finest imported truffles, Lioni has created a sophisticated and indulgent burrata cheese. 

Lioni Latticini