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Litehouse Foods' Simple Seasons Offer Convenient New Take on Specialty Cheese

Litehouse Foods' Simple Seasons Offer Convenient New Take on Specialty Cheese

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Everything is better covered in cheese–or at the very least accompanied by it. As Litehouse Foods aspires to bring more and more value to the specialty cheese category, the company is showcasing its Simple Seasons finely crumbled soft cheese in a convenient, no waste, shakeable glass jar.

So come on, shake, shake it. Whether it’s on salads, popcorn, pizza and eggs, or in pasta and soups, these Simple Seasons feta and blue cheese options enhance any dish and bring the convenience and versatility that consumers desire at retail.

Margi Gunter, Brand Manager, Litehouse Foods“At Litehouse, our goal is to stay at the forefront of innovation, and at the top of consumers’ shopping lists,” Margi Gunter, Brand Manager, tells me. “The retail demand has been great since we brought the product to market. As differentiation becomes key in the competitive specialty foods arena, we believe our items help cheese destinations stand out from the pack.

Offering Simple Seasons at retail brings more options than limitations. Not only can it be featured in deli and prepared foods departments but the line can cross-merchandised with seasonal accompaniments across displays.

Handcrafted in small vats, hand-salted, and aged for 100 days, Litehouse’s cheese offerings and cultivated with care by Cheesemaker Marvin Sharp who brings more than 35 years of experience to the Simply Artisan family of products. Looking to tap into more of the Litehouse spread? Checkout the company’s cheese crumble cups, cheese crumble pouches, center cuts, and wheels as well. 

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