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Litehouse to Release New Line of Simple Seasons Shakeable Cheese Flavors

Litehouse to Release New Line of Simple Seasons Shakeable Cheese Flavors

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Two consumer crazes have combined into one with Litehouse Foods’ latest product launch: Simple Seasons.

Convenience and cheese have met in the form of a glass, no-waste, and shakeable jar.

Litehouse Foods' Simple Seasons

An addition to Litehouse’s Simply Artisan Reserve brand, Simple Seasons places finely crumbled soft cheese in a glass shakeable jar that is convenient and sustainable.

Margi Gunter, Brand Manager, Litehouse Foods Inc.“We are excited to share this innovation that allows consumers to easily and conveniently enjoy soft cheese without creating waste,” Margi Gunter, Litehouse’s Brand Manager, said in a press release. “Now with a simple flick of the wrist, you can add just the right amount of cheese to everything from burgers to salads and soups.”

Pizza, salads, and anything else consumers may want to add a convenient dash of cheese to, can now be done easily and sustainably, Litehouse said, with two side flaps to sprinkle (or douse) a dish with feta or blue cheese.

The product presents just five easy ingredients:

  • Milk
  • Salt
  • Culture
  • Enzymes
  • An agent to prevent caking

Simple Seasons will be available in blue cheese and feta flavors at a suggested retail price of $5.49 per jar, launching in May.

Litehouse Foods