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Litehouse's Krystle Turnbull Discusses Rebranded Cheese Line and More

Litehouse's Krystle Turnbull Discusses Rebranded Cheese Line and More

Friday, August 10th, 2018

As a premium purveyor of dressings, cheeses, and more, Litehouse® has enjoyed a stellar reputation with customers and end consumers for years. With a rebrand launched last year, the company strengthened its already sturdy brand identity, and now its Simply Artisan cheese line is getting a brand refresh as well—with an updated look and greater continuity across the company’s various categories.

Krystle Turnbull, Brand Manager, LitehouseI spoke with Brand Manager Krystle Turnbull to learn more about Litehouse's rebranded cheese line, its debut at IDDBA 2018, and the ways in which the Litehouse Simply Artisan cheese line is set to resonate with shoppers.

Q: Give me a little background on the recent Litehouse Simply Artisan line rebrand: What prompted Litehouse to undertake the project? What did the rebrand entail?

Krystle Turnbull: After several consumer tests and surveys, and following the success of the recent Litehouse dressing and dip refresh, we made a strategic business decision to relaunch our Simply Artisan Reserve cheese line as a new brand: Litehouse Simply Artisan. As part of the brand refresh, we updated the packaging for the entire product line, including blue cheese and gorgonzola wheels and center cuts, and blue cheese, feta, and gorgonzola crumbles in cups and pouches. The new branding and packaging will create a more consistent look across the entire Litehouse portfolio.

The Simply Artisan rebranded cheese line will create a more consistent look across the entire Litehouse portfolio

Q: How does the Simply Artisan line’s new look aid retailers looking to drive sales and repeat purchases? Does the rebrand include retail support/signage/etc?

KT: With new modernized branding, top-down photography, eye popping color, and easy-to-read flavor names, we aim to attract current customers and new customers to trial and drive sales through repeat purchases. To carry this through at retail, shelf talkers and sell sheets will help illustrate the transition to Litehouse Simply Artisan, and an introductory IRC will promote trial. We’re also planning for a comprehensive digital launch with fun giveaways, social media, and in-store promotional discounts.

Q: How does the new look better reflect Litehouse’s identity and the qualities of the product line? How does it appeal to target consumers?

KT: At launch, we’re focused on conveying the “New Look, Same Award-Winning Cheese” message to consumers. We’ve changed our packaging, but how we craft our artisan cheese, and our commitment to quality products, has not changed. We take great pride in our ingredients, process, and final product—our award-winning cheeses are handcrafted, rBST free, and gluten free.

Q: What sort of response has Litehouse been seeing from the rebrand so far? Are there any success stories you would like to share with us regarding the rebranded line?

KT: We recently revealed Litehouse Simply Artisan at IDDBA, and have received positive reviews from the trade, retailers, and internal teams. We’re excited to re-launch our artisan cheeses to consumers nationwide.

Litehouse Simply Artisan has received numerous awards and accolades for its signature flavor, technical qualities, and aesthetic characteristics, and the new design will make it easier than ever for consumers to select Litehouse.

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