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Marin French and Laura Chenel's Unveils New Spicy Cheese Selections

Marin French and Laura Chenel's Unveils New Spicy Cheese Selections

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Bringing another innovative cheese pairing to the table, or rather, cheeseboard, Marin French Cheese has announced the company is embodying the consumer penchant for all things spicy by adding the flavor trends into some of its products, as well as those of its sister company Laura Chenel’s.

Marin French will offer retailers the following products its newest addition to the 4 oz. Petite Collection in the Petite Jalapeño. The triple-cream brie is infused with a spicy kick of red and green jalapeños, to balance the smoothness of the company’s soft-ripened cheese. 

The company’s third place winner at the 2016 American Cheese Society competition, Jalapeño brie, will offer retailers an 8 oz. option of piquant flavors. Both selections are made from freshly delivered cow’s milk and cream from Marin County dairies within a 20-mile radius, providing for the highest quality tastes.

Laura Chenel’s is taking its own spicy dive into the new 8 oz. Pimento & Garlic log, blending fresh goat cheese with garlic and sun-dried tomatoes, and an added finishing coat of red and green pimento peppers. The company stated that the log is visually striking, as well as subtly spicy and sweet from the flavor balance.

“With so many choices for consumers, it remains Laura Chenel’s mission, as the pioneer of American goat cheese, to offer the highest quality products, which includes using only goat milk from farms in western U.S.,” commented Philippe Chevrollier, General Manager at Marin French Cheese and Laura Chenel’s. “We aspire to please as many palates as possible, while remaining true to our roots and supporting our network of independent goat farmers.” 

The Pimento & Garlic log is a follow-up cheese innovation to the success of Laura Chenel’s Spicy Cabecou; a dense, marinated goat cheese disk. The company cuts the disks from fresh logs before drying them on racks and hand packing them in jalapeño-infused olive oil with savory chili peppers. This new taste gives a fresh kick to the creamy and tart cheese.

Laura Chenel’s stated that both the Spicy Cabecou and its predecessor, the original Marinated Cabecou with herbs, offer extended cheese options for the chèvre fan. The Marinated Cabecou was also a recent first place winner at the American Cheese Society’s 2016 competition. 

Laura Chenel’s collaboration with partner farms also allows the company to oversee the main ingredient in its products, providing for maximized tastes, and flavor-forward product lines. 

“Not only do our employees share their expertise, including a supervisor who spent 10 years working side by side founder, Laura Chenel, the company also brings in experts from France to visit our partner farms throughout the year and provide technical assistance as needed. This, together with financial support, maximizes milk production, profitability and the sustainability of our family farms,” Chevrollier concluded.

The company stated that due to the accomplishments achieved through its partnerships, there is a continuous growing interest from neighboring farmers to collaborate with the brand. 

As Laura Chenel’s and Marin French continue to look towards new trends and the next best-selling cheese trend, Deli Market News will have the latest in creamy industry announcements.

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Mifroma - Maitres from Agers Suisses - How do you fondue - Cheeses imported from Switzerland - Ready in 2 minutes - Creamy and delicious - Microwave and enjoyCelebrating 60 years of cheese spread excellence!

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