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Marin French Cheese & Laura Chenel’s Bring Home World Cheese Awards

Marin French Cheese & Laura Chenel’s Bring Home World Cheese Awards

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

California’s Marin French and Laura Chenel’s made a name for themselves on the global stage at the World Cheese Awards in Norway earlier this month.

Eric Barthome, CEO, Marin French Cheese and Laura Chenel's“Each year we are impressed by the increasing level of competition at this highly regarded contest,” noted Eric Barthome, CEO of the two sister companies. “We are very proud of our cheesemaking teams at both Marin French and Laura Chenel’s for being such strong contenders where ingenuity, skill, and know-how are key.”

Marin French’s Petite 4-ounce soft-ripened cheeses took home the Gold, according to a press release, including Petite Cendrée, Petite Crème, and Petite Supreme. In turn, the brand’s fresh Petite Breakfast cheese garnered a Silver.

Marin French and Laura Chenel’s took home awards from the World Cheese Awards in Norway earlier this month

Other honors conferred to the Marin French Cheese team of dedicated cheesemakers included:

  • A Silver for its 1.1-pound Supreme, a decadent snowy-white wheel with an aroma of sweet milk and a fluffy, whipped-cream texture
  • A Bronze for the orange-hued Schloss, a wash-rinded cheese with a savory, full-flavored taste, a hearty aroma, and a soft creamy texture

Laura Chenel’s, too, received accolades for multiple products. Its delicate-flavored, aged Ash-rinded Buchette won a Gold medal, while the grassy- and nutty-flavored goat brie that touts a hint of lemon brought home a Silver honor.

Marin French Cheese’s Petites are made with fresh cow’s milk and cream from neighboring Marin County dairies. They are described as elegant, triple-crème Brie-style wheels, offering consumers convenience, versatility, a variety of flavors, and affordability with their unique size.

This year’s World Cheese Awards saw a record 3,472 cheeses, representing 30 countries. For a full list of awards, click here.

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