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Marin French Cheese Regional Sales Manager BJ Frank Discusses New Foodservice Offering

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Foodservice is big business for the dairy, deli, and bakery industries, and Marin French Cheese is primed to meet consumers need with an innovative new product designed to minimize prep time and maximize flavor. 

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with BJ Frank, Regional Sales Manager for Marin French, to learn more about the company’s latest foodservice offering.

BJ Frank, Regional Sales Manager, Marin French"At Marin [French], we’re launching a new product this year. It’s called Brie Cuisine,” BJ tells me. “It’s a single crème, fresh brie in a 2.5 lb. reclosable, resealable tub. It’s a highly versatile cheese [that] we really recommend for crumbling, shredding, and melting.”

The new rind-less, resealable format, BJ notes, allows for ease of use, storage, and reuse—all while maintaining the same premium flavor and quality for which Marin French and its sister company Laura Chenel's are known.

Marin French's new Brie Cuisine

“What we love about it is its using locally-sourced milk from California,” BJ adds. “It’s a foodservice item available all across the country, and I think chefs are really going to like it.”Brie Cuisine is a foodservice item perfect for chefs

To see our complete interview and learn more about Brie Cuisine, watch the brief video above.

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