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Marin French Wins Three Awards at the American Cheese Society's 2018 Competition

Marin French Wins Three Awards at the American Cheese Society's 2018 Competition

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

The American Cheese Society’s 35th annual competition is a distant memory now, but a memory Marin French is still celebrating after taking home a second-place award in the American Originals category for its Petite Breakfast cheese and a second- and third-place award in the soft-ripened cheese category for its Triple Crème Brie.

“We are both honored and humbled that our iconic, fresh Petite Breakfast cheese as well as our Triple Crème brie cheeses continue to meet the judges’ expectations for superior products,” said Eric Barthome, CEO of Marin French Cheese, Laura Chenel’s, and Saint Benoît Creamery. “These awards are testimony to our commitment to produce only the highest quality, handcrafted brie-style cheese. The efforts of the entire Marin French team have allowed us to become the standard for American brie.”

Marin French Triple Cream Brie

Dating back to the company’s origins in 1865, Marin French Cheese’s Petite Breakfast is a fresh brie-style cheese made with fresh cow’s milk and cream from neighboring dairies that has a mild, yet tangy flavor and creamy texture perfect as a salad topping or omelet ingredient. The American Originals category recognizes cheeses that are uniquely American in their original forms and that have recipes originated in the Americas—something that Marin French Cheese’s Petite Breakfast met with flying colors.

Marin French Petite Breakfast

According to a press release, Marin French’s sister companies Laura Chenel’s and Saint Benoît Creamery were also winners at this year’s ACS competition, with Laua Chenel’s nabbing a second-place award for its Cabecou with Herbs—a dense textured, goat cheese hand-packed in olive oils with savory herbs—in the Marinated Cheeses category and Saint Benoît Creamery’s Original Organic Yogurt—celebrated for its rich, creamy Jersey cow milk—taking home a third-place award in the Cultured Milk and Cream Products category.

Congratulations to Marin French, Laura Chenel’s, and Saint Benoît Creamery on the wins! For more wins from around the dairy, deli, bakery, and specialty foods industry, keep reading Deli Market News.

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