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Mifroma Cheese's Al Baca Introduces Fondue Products

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Is there anything that isn’t made better by being skewered and dipped into a pot of melted cheese? I volunteer to be the one to find out, and the venture will be made much easier by two fondue-focused products Mifroma’s Al Baca recently introduced me to.

In the interest of bringing more convenience to one of the most group-friendly cheese traditions, the company has launched its Fondue Mix and Fondue Express items to make this classic more accessible to busy consumers.

Al Baca, Regional Sales Manager, Mifroma Cheese

“Fondue is a very traditional Swiss dish,” Al shares with me, explaining that Mifroma’s take consists of Emmentaler, Gruyère, Mountain cheese, Kierch brandy, and white pine. “We have a Mifroma Fondue Mix, which makes it very convenient for the customer, because all you need to do is heat the fondue. You don’t need to shred the cheeses, everything goes into a pot, and it makes a very fun eating experience.”

And if that is still too time-consuming, how about a less traditional, but also less than two-minute prep, sound?

Mifroma Fondue Express

“We are introducing an item called Mifroma Fondue Express. It’s a microwaveable fondue, single-portion that can be shared with two people,” Al explains, adding that there is no fondue pot needed: just a minute in the microwave and half a minute to cool down.

Need I say more? Watch the video above to see all this for yourself, but be prepared to leave hungry. I know I did!