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Mifroma's Jim Basta Talks New Products and More

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Convenience is taking over the deli, dairy, and bakery industry, and in an effort to make enjoying delicious Swiss cheeses from Switzerland easier than ever, this month, Mifroma USA announced multiple new products, including Fondue Express, Sliced Raclette, and Shredded Gruyere, launched last December just in time for Winter Fancy Food Show.

Mifroma cubed gruyere

At the show, I spoke with Jim Basta, Mifroma USA’s Western Regional Manager, to find out more on what sets these aged cheeses apart from the rest.  

Jim Basta, Western Regional Manager, Mifroma USA

“We have our traditional gruyere, which is aged five months in a natural cave, and then our cavern reserve, which is aged eleven months,” Jim tells me. “Each of these cheese wheels are hand-selected by a cheese affineur. Then he comes into our facility, and they make the decision on which cheeses are quality enough to be cavern reserve.”

Jim also highlights the new grab-and-go gruyere in portionable cups, available shredded in 3.5 ounce cups or pre-cubed for parties and more.

Gruyere cheese

With the flavors of Switzerland available at our fingertips, Mifroma USA’s new line is ready to go where we go, so look for the Mifroma label in the cheese section today.

For more on what’s cooking in deli, dairy, and bakery, Deli Market News will continue to report on the latest.

Mifroma USA