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Montchevre's Unveils New Branding and First Non-GMO Goat Cheese

Montchevre's Unveils New Branding and First Non-GMO Goat Cheese

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

We are told not to judge a book by its cover because, let’s face it, we are very likely to do just that. Likewise, the package and the brand is an important component to ensnaring and holding consumer loyalty.

Goat cheese manufacturer Montchevre is looking to holster that power by conveying core brand values in an entire rebrand, including new packaging and a new logo across its entire line of goat cheese.

Arnaud Solandt, Founder and CEO, Montchevre“By giving more character to our logo and packaging, Montchevre hopes to better engage consumers and tell more of our story,” Co-Founder Arnaud Solandt said in a press release, expressing excitement for the transformation.

That story includes being family owned and operated since its 1989 foundation, growing to a market leader supplied by milk from more than 350 independent family-owned farms.

The rebrand is described as “lovable,” with a new, eye-catching illustration of the Montchevre mother and baby goat, which the company said is synonymous with the brand.

The launch also comes in time with the launch of the company’s first National Science Foundation (NSF) Non-GMO True North Certified goat cheese, a milestone marker from when the team first started looking into Non-GMO over three years ago.

“We strive to be an approachable brand that offers quality goat cheese for everyone, and look forward to a future of non-GMO goat cheese production,” Solandt added.

As we recently reported, the company just launched its best-selling line, 4 oz. Fresh Goat Cheese Logs, as NSF Non-GMO True North Certified.

Montchevre’s ethos and future plans of “paving the way to non-GMO goat cheese,” are part of its strategy to continually look to the future, and the company concluded with a promise of more exciting developments soon to come.

Watch with us as we eagerly await what will come out of the pipeline next for this and other companies in our ever-changing deli industry.