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Norseland General Manager of Marketing Debbie Seife Talks New Jarlsberg® Cheese Snacks

Norseland General Manager of Marketing Debbie Seife Talks New Jarlsberg® Cheese Snacks

Monday, January 30th, 2017

With demand for packaged food on the rise, more industry companies are exploring innovative ways to tap in on the consumer penchant for quality convenience. This focus on heightened sales and consumption has spurred Jarlsberg® Cheese, and its distributor Norseland, Inc., to offer an innovative new product on the shelf; Jarlsberg® Cheese Snacks.

As Debbie Seife, General Manager of Marketing at Norseland, recently told me, the company is launching off of this burgeoning snacking trend into a portable snack sure to leave an impression.

Debbie Seife, General Manager of Marketing, Norseland

“The explosive growth of the snacks segment is still growing in a dramatic way,” Debbie tells me. “Snacks already account for a large percent of U.S. packaged food sales, with more growth projected.”

These shifts in buying behavior, Debbie says, are due to a new American lifestyle of eating–one that focuses on consuming more and smaller amounts of food during the day, instead of the traditional three meals-a-day structure. Millennials are also proving to eat more snacks than previous generations, resulting in the cultivation of new and ready-to-eat products such as the Cheese Snacks line.

“Jarlsberg® Cheese fans can now savor the delicious taste of Jarlsberg® Cheese in this delightful and portable snack. Jarslberg® Cheese Snacks boast a mild, mellow, and nutty flavor, answering consumer demand for a convenient, wholesome, and delicious snacking item,” Debbie continues, stating that Jarlsberg® also has the Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Approved Emblem to reinforce the company’s health-conscious mission.

Naturally gluten and lactose-free, the snacks boast a versatility that allows it to find its way into even more consumer baskets. Each ¾ oz Cheese Snack contains 5 grams of protein, and is portion controlled with only 70 calories. Jarlsberg® Cheese Snacks come in 6 oz packages of individually wrapped cheese sticks, with a SRP $5.99-$6.99.

To further the buy-side presence of the new offering, Jarlsberg® is offering POS promos throughout the year, an in-store dangler, and instantly redeemable IRC coupons, in addition to a larger social media focus to engage online consumers.

So, what else is in store for the Jarlsberg® and Norseland? Jarlsberg® is also ramping up its offerings of Cheese Fusions and Cheese Fondue to provide big flavors in convenient applications. As we previously reported, Norseland has also recently partnered with Parmareggio® to strengthen its brand within the marketplace.

With more innovations sure to come from Norseland and Jarlsberg®, keep up with Deli Market News for all the latest.