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Plymouth Artisan Cheese's Jesse Werner Discusses Schaller & Weber Venture

Friday, September 21st, 2018

Boasting a new product and a new partnership with Schaller & Weber, Plymouth Cheese Company is charting a 2018 filled with novelty.

I had the opportunity to learn more from Jesse Werner, Cheesemaker and Owner at Plymouth, to learn more about new partnerships and historical roots.

Jesse Werner, Cheese Maker & Owner, Plymouth Artisan Cheese“Plymouth Cheese is the second-oldest cheese company in the United States,” Jesse told me. “It was founded in 1890 by Calvin Coolidge’s father. It’s a state historic site in Vermont…and we still make the original recipe cheese that was made in 1890—a very early version of Vermont Cheddar.”

Plymouth Artisan Cheese has both a new product and a new partnership to celebrate

And while by no means sparse, Jesse tells me that Plymouth is still looking to add meat to the bones of a sizable company history. As Jesse tells me, Plymouth’s most recent product launch is in a new category and represents a confluence of two venerable craft food traditions.

“We’ve got a new product going on here that we’ve worked out with Schaller & Weber. They’re a great, small, historic company—just like our cheese company—and we’ve wanted to collaborate on something, and they had the idea to do this Cheddar Brat,” Jesse said.

In partnership with Schaller & Weber, Plymouth Artisan Cheese created the Cheddar Brat

The new product combines Plymouth’s signature Original Cheddar and Schaller & Weber’s delectable smoked sausage for a treat for meat and cheese fans.

Find out more in our brief video interview above.

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