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Roth® Cheeses Give the Gift of Snacking to Consumers

Roth® Cheeses Give the Gift of Snacking to Consumers

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Instead of customers taking on the hustle and bustle chaos that is a seemingly inescapable part of holiday shopping, Roth® created a delicious solution for those looking to give perfect gifts. No need to fret about whether consumers are getting moms or dads the right size sweater or if cousins are still into Pokémon; knick-knacks are for yesteryear, and Roth's edible gifts are here to save the holiday!

Roth’s has created a holiday set full of various flavors of cheeses. Included in the seasonal goody are Sriracha Gouda, Private Reserve, GranQueso®, and Grand Cru®—there is something for everyone! With so many varieties, it is an easy sell for customers tired of waiting in wrap-around lines in the malls and who want to find something that their loved ones will enjoy—possibly, nope, hopefully with them.

Heather Engwall, Director of Marketing“An edible gift like cheese is always appropriate no matter who you are shopping for this holiday season,” said Heather Engwall, Director of Marketing for Emmi Roth. “From spicy Roth® Sriracha Gouda to sweet GranQueso®, this special holiday collection is packed with cheeses that are full of flavor, and perfect for holiday entertaining.”

What makes this gift so unique is its great way of checking off lists without having to check them twice. And, the one-stop-shop of award-winning Wisconsin cheese includes accompaniments, such as Quince & Apple Preserves, Potter’s Crackers, and Treat Bake Shop’s Spiced Pecans.

Roth's Holiday Box

Customers can get their hands on the holiday sets, which include three sizes of Roth cheese: ½ lb, ⅓ lb, and 1 lb. Roth’s holiday box can be purchased on the company’s website.

Cheers to making this holiday season tastier than ever!

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