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Saputo Debuts Great Midwest® Applewood Smoked Gouda

Saputo Debuts Great Midwest® Applewood Smoked Gouda

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Saputo Specialty Cheese wants you to live the gouda life. To that end, the company announced last week the introduction of its newest specialty cheese, Great Midwest® Applewood Smoked Gouda, infused with a variety of novel flavors. 

Great Midwest® Applewood Smoked Gouda

Saputo described the latest extension to its line of artisan cheeses as a “Creamy and mildly buttery Gouda” that has been “smoked with Applewood to create a lightly sweet, delicate flavor.” In a press release, the company stated that infused flavor varieties will “range from sweet, to savory, to spicy.”

The company said the new bulk offering will be available in two 6 lb logs.

According to the company's website, the new Gouda flavor lineup represents innovation for Saputo, whose other artisanal product offerings reflect the company’s old-world authenticity and Italian heritage.

So what goes Gouda with some smoked Gouda? Saputo recommends:

  • Snacking with cubed fresh fruit
  • Topping warm sandwiches and grilled burgers
  • Pairing with Riesling or Pale Ales

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