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Saputo Marketing Manager Kristy Klug Talks Montchevre® Release of Kiss My Ash™ Cheese

Saputo Marketing Manager Kristy Klug Talks Montchevre® Release of Kiss My Ash™ Cheese

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Whether used as a filling in dates or lovingly placed on a charcuterie board, goat cheese holds a magnetic pull for me, and I’m not the only one! Consumers are always looking to dive cracker-first into the sensational flavors, and Montchevre® is catering to their needs by creating a new flavor. Enter Stage Left: Kiss My Ash™, the newest addition to the Montchevre brand of award-winning cheeses.

Kristy Klug —Marketing Manager, Saputo—gives me the inside scoop on the new release and what’s ahead for the Montchevre brand after its recent acquisition.

Kristy Klug, Marketing Manager, Saputo“Kiss My Ash is a luscious vegetable ash-covered goat cheese that has a marble-textured rind and a smooth ivory body. Its acidulous, semi-strong taste becomes more pronounced with age. Consumers can pair this cheese with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a malty Amber Ale,” Kristy shares. “Kiss My Ash took home the Super Gold at the 2017-2018 World Cheese Awards. Where Montchevre brand’s more traditional goat cheese logs and crumbles are perfect for day-to-day meals and snacking, Kiss My Ash cheese’s premium taste experience is well-suited for entertaining.”

As Kristy tells me about the newest item to hit shelves under Montchevre, I ask her what this means for Saputo—how will this recent acquisition by Saputo affect the Montchevre brand?

Kiss My Ash is a luscious vegetable ash-covered goat cheese that has a marble-textured rind and a smooth ivory body

To this, Kristy sheds light on the strategic approach this acquisition employed and how both Saputo and Montchevre are now reaping the rewards.

“By joining Saputo under the Cheese Division (USA), Montchevre will benefit from a variety of expertise, efficiencies, and economies of scale,” Kristy tells me. “Through the acquisition of the Montchevre brand, Saputo has been able to broaden its presence in the specialty cheese landscape and gain exposure to a new customer base. Saputo also has the benefit of now offering their current customers a variety of new and exciting products that nicely round out their goat cheese offerings.”

Now that Montchevre sits under Saputo’s wing, many are wondering what’s ahead for the goat cheese brand. Kristy shared that there is a lot ahead on the marketing front to really boost engagement with customers and their consumers. Cheese connoisseurs can rest assured that the products they leave with are exactly what they want, thanks to planned taste demonstrations, among other tips suggested for retailers.

The Montchevre brand has a wide array of goat cheese products

“The Montchevre brand is supported through social media channels, specifically focusing on recipes and pairing suggestions to highlight the cheeses. There are two new recipe videos that will be launching this year, including one for delicious Honey & Goat Cheese Balls. The brand will also be featured in various national print magazines, as well as digital advertisements including and Amazon Fresh,” Kristy explains. “Beyond print and digital advertising, there are a number of in-store taste demonstrations planned that will allow consumers to try the product before buying. In addition, many of the retailers with this product offering feature in-store signage that highlights easy ways to serve these cheeses and suggests creative beverage pairings that further enhance their flavors.”

As we make headway into the second half of 2018, Montchevre has power behind its latest moves, fueled by the experience and support of Saputo, as well as the strong will to create more innovative cheeses to keep consumers coming back for more.