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Saputo Specialty Cheese Introduces Light Organic String Cheese

Saputo Specialty Cheese Introduces Light Organic String Cheese

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Saputo Specialty Cheese’s Organic Creamery® has announced the launch of an expanded product line—introducing new Organic Light String Cheese.

Now providing a lower fat and calorie option, the company is now offering its organic products to a wider customer base. Saputo has created this product with 50%  less fat and 25% fewer calories than its regular string cheese, all while showcasing the same mild and buttery flavor with the classic pull-apart texture.

Organic Creamery Light String Cheese

The single-serve sticks are packaged as six 1-ounce individual portions in a single 6-ounce bag, amping up its trendy convenience factor and making it an ideal addition to lunch boxes or an afternoon snack.

As is typical of Organic Creamery® products, the light strong cheese is hand-crafted by award-winning Wisconsin cheesemakers with organic milk from Wisconsin family farms that practice humane management and pasture grazing.

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