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Schuman Cheese Introduces 2017 Trend Outlook

Schuman Cheese Introduces 2017 Trend Outlook

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

For innovative companies in the market, keeping an eye on trends and consumer needs is key to remaining a segment leader. In this vein, Schuman Cheese has released a new report that analyzes consumer trends to mark where the cheese industry can seize new opportunities.

Melyssa Jolivert, Senior Associate, Corporate Communications, Schuman Cheese

"Understanding the evolving consumer palette is essential whether we're partnering with customers to create solutions that spur their success or inspiring our own product development initiatives," said Melyssa Jolivert, Senior Associate, Corporate Communications.

Yellow Door Creamery Hand Rubbed Fontina/Schuman Cheese

Identified by its experts in the Schuman Cheese Innovation & Strategy department, the company named six trends in its report, marking both what “consumers want” out of these trends alongside “predictions” for how they will grow and influence the industry.

The six key trends are as follows:

  • Transparency
  • Simple Selections
  • Globalization
  • Everyday Artisanal
  • Millennial Influence
  • Healthy Meets Indulgent

From the growth of globally demanded cheeses to insights behind tapping in on millennial sales, the report serves to give an in-touch view of the consumers behind the purchases in the cheese market. The company also noted that identifying trends like these have led to the established success of some of its popular products, like Cello and Yellow Door Creamery.

“For a company that prides itself on crafting inspired new cheese products, keeping a pulse on emerging industry trends is essential,” the company said in the report. “Understanding consumer motivations and desires is also how Schuman Cheese keeps reinventing established brands like Cello to stay fresh and relevant in an increasingly competitive domestic market.”

Yellow Door Creamery Alpine Monteau/Schuman Cheese

Schuman Cheese’s experts cultivated this list of trends from a body of primary and secondary research and statistical data to illuminate what these trends mean for the industry.

To get a glimpse at this wealth of information yourself, download the report here.

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