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Schuman Cheese Partners with Bergader Privatkäserei to Enhance Import Roster

Schuman Cheese Partners with Bergader Privatkäserei to Enhance Import Roster

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

The holidays are a great time to get together with friends and partners, both old and new. Schuman Cheese is tapping into this notion as it announces a jolly new partnership with German company Bergader Privatkäserei, a globally recognized retailer with 100+ years of Bavarian cheese expertise. This new partnership will further enhance Schuman Cheese’s established import roster, as it proudly claims the role of exclusive importer and distributor for Bergader cheeses.

Ian Schuman, Specialty Cheese Business Unit Lead, Schuman Cheese

“Bergader is a world-class company producing some of the best cheeses in the world,” said Ian Schuman, a fourth generation family member and Specialty Cheese Business Unit Lead, in a recent press release. “We believe that this partnership offers incredible synergies between our two companies, but more importantly, the partnership will give consumers the opportunity to try one of the best cheeses in the world from one of the cleanest and ecologically unique places in Europe.”

Schuman Cheese

Because of the company’s new partnership, U.S. consumers will now be able to enjoy an expanded availability of Bergader’s renowned range of cheeses, such as Bavaria Blu and Edelpilz. Bergader’s well-loved cheeses have deep roots that stem back four generations to the company’s humble beginnings in 1902. Crafted with Bavarian alpine milk, Bergader cheeses come from the foothills of the Alps in Waging Am See, and their time-tested recipes have procured the company’s prominent stance as a leader in soft cheeses throughout Germany. Now, U.S. consumers will be able to bite into the unique tastes of the Alps.

Bergader cheese

This alignment with Bergader comes as no surprise to those privy to the Schuman Cheese’s industry prowess, as it has repeatedly sought partnerships that bring excellence to the table—and my charcuterie board. Some of the companies it has partnered with are Parmigiano Reggiano, Feta, and Bufala Mozzarella. Efforts made by Schuman Cheese and its partners have shown a relentless commitment to importing distinctly delicious cheeses that address unique flavors and varieties from all corners of the world that U.S. consumers can enjoy in the convenience of their own home.

How will the U.S. market react when they get their hands on Bergader’s cheeses? Deli Market News will continue to report with the latest in the industry!

Schuman CheeseBergader Privatkäserei

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