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Schuman Cheese Raises $230,000 to Support St. Jude Children's Hospital

Schuman Cheese Raises $230,000 to Support St. Jude Children's Hospital

Monday, September 12th, 2016

In addition to new launches and a complete rebrand, Schuman Cheese has been busy furthering an initiative near and dear to its heart over the summer: family values.

The company successfully managed to pull together $230,000 in support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a contribution made possible in part by the golf tournament Schuman Cheese 70th Anniversary Charity Event.

Ian Schuman, Specialty Cheese Business Manager, Schuman Cheese“Living our core values each and every day is an important responsibility for us as a company and for each of us individually,” said Ian Schuman, fourth-generation family member and Specialty Cheese Business Manager for Schuman Cheese, in a press release. “All of our values are important, but ensuring the well-being of the people involved in our work and the well-being of our communities is truly essential.”

Together with its industry partners and employees, the company came together to make the gift possible, as well as recently launching an employee-giving program that allows employees to contribute to St. Jude through automatic payroll deductions, with their donations extended by a corporate match.

“We brainstormed issues that are important and we could rally around,” Schuman said. “Children’s health is something that affects everyone. It’s global and tangible. We all immediately agreed it was the right cause.”

As for how the company chose St. Jude’s, families treated by the facility never receive a bill from for treatment, travel, housing or food, allowing them to focus solely on their child’s well-being.

“We like knowing that our contributions are going to an organization that is doing some of the best work and advancing in the areas of child health, with a system that keeps the focus on family and not on the financial burden a childhood illness can create,” Schuman said. “The hospital’s national presence was also a great fit with our national footprint, so employees across the country can feel connected to the cause.”

Schuman noted that it supports a number of causes in its local communities, including food banks and encouraging volunteering through events like the Susan G. Komen North Jersey chapter and the Junior Achievement student mentoring program.

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