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Schuman Cheese's Allison Schuman Discusses New Seasonal Cheese Trays

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

I can’t be the only consumer who stands drooling in front of the cheese case trying to figure out a way to sample all the varieties without breaking the bank, right? In response to us cheese-crazy shoppers and to introduce more consumers to delicious cheese, Schuman Cheese is launching seasonal cheese trays, so that the problem of picking just one is no more.

I caught up with Allison Schuman, Senior Director of Sales, to find out more about this innovative idea that will be officially launching in retail in October.

Allison Schuman, Senior Director of Sales, Schuman Cheese“There’s a lot of fear behind seeing this very confusing category and picking something up. Being able to give people a smaller wedge of something, or a taste, and letting them fall in love with a special cheese, gives them more empowerment to go into the cheese section and pick out their own cheeses and try something new that maybe they wouldn’t have ventured into,” Allison explains to me.

Schuman Cheese's Holiday Cheese Tray will be available for retail this October

In addition to holiday boards and fall, winter, and spring seasonal boards, Schuman Cheese is also launching cheese boards based off food, dessert, breakfast, and alcohol flavorings, categories, and occasions.

“It’s also more of an occasion-based cheese tray. What we’ve done is taken our expertise in the industry and passed that on to consumers by doing a no-muss, no-fuss cheese board,” Allison notes.

The new cheese trays offer an easy way for the average consumer to hack into the complexities of the cheese category

Don’t mind if I just sneak on over to the store and stock pile my cart with every variation of Schuman Cheese's cheese boards.

For the full details on this exciting new product, watch our exclusive video above.

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