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Sonoma Creamery Enters Partnership with Laiki

Sonoma Creamery Enters Partnership with Laiki

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Sonoma Creamery®, which has graced the food world with such brilliant ideas as Cheese Crisps and Mr. Cheese O’s®, has joined forces with health rice cracker line Laiki! The happy coupling announced their union in a recent press release.

John Crean, President and CEO, Sonoma Creamery"We are very pleased to be in partnership with Laiki," commented John Crean, President and CEO of Sonoma Creamery. "Laiki has an extremely innovative and tasty line of whole grain rice crackers. When I first met their Founder and CEO Pradeep Akkunoor a year ago, I was blown away by his understanding of the process of innovation and the fantastic product line he had brought to market in a short period of time.”

Laiki Rice Crackers

Crean continued, “These crackers are not only super-delicious, with a unique crunch which goes on and on, but they are also extremely healthy. With a very short ingredient deck—whole grain rice, sustainably sourced palm fruit oil and sea salt—Laiki fits the needs of many of the current dietary trends such as Gluten-Free, Kosher, FODMAP friendly, Allergen Free and Vegan Certified. We look forward to working with Laiki to expand its distribution, launch new products, and introduce its incredibly successful items to a wider audience."

Laiki also looks forward to the strategic partnership, hoping to pair its health-conscious-know-how with Sonoma Creameries customer accessibility.

Pradeep Akkunoor, Founder & CEO, Laika"Sonoma Creamery brings a wealth of deep experience in the food industry that is extremely valuable for Laiki," added Akkunoor. "John and the incredible Sonoma Creamery team give us guidance that helps us make the right decisions focused on our customers. With this partnership, we are laying a strong foundation that will enable Laiki to serve our customers at scale, with high-quality products, and without compromising on our values of delivering delicious products with simple and clean ingredients."

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