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Sunrise Strategic Partners Invests in Maple Hill Creamery

Sunrise Strategic Partners Invests in Maple Hill Creamery

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Sunrise Strategic Partners has set its sights on a new brand to accelerate into retail shelves nationwide, announcing a new partnership and minority investment in Maple Hill Creamery. 

Steve Hughes, CEO & Co-Founder, Sunrise Strategic Partners"Maple Hill Creamery is one of the fastest-growing dairy brands in the natural channel. What started as a specialty regional yogurt company in 2009 has become a national dairy brand, and consumers can now find Maple Hill Creamery in over 6,000 retailers across the US, from Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, and Sprouts Farmers Market to select Kroger banners, as well as thousands of independent grocers and specialty retailers," said Steve Hughes, CEO and Co-Founder of Sunrise Strategic Partners. "As consumers and retailers begin to understand the value and benefits of 100% grass-fed there is significant opportunity to scale this brand. I'm looking forward to working with Tim and the entire Maple Hill team to bring 100% grass-fed dairy to more consumers."

Sunrise’s strategic investment and guidance through its partnership with Maple Hill will enable the expansion of the dairy producer’s team–including sales, marketing, and supply–in order to support the brand’s high rate of growth. Currently, Maple Hill represents 25% of all organic dairy farms operating in New York State. This investment, marks the fifth for Sunrise this year. 

Maple Hill was established in 2003, and is a producer of third-party certified 100% grass-fed organic dairy items. According to a press release, this portfolio includes the following:

  • Whole milk yogurts
  • Kefir
  • Cheeses
  • Milk

Maple Hill is a family-owned brand that reached its formal founding in 2009 when its Founder and CEO, Tim Joseph, started selling the company’s yogurt products from his dairy farm to local retailers in upstate New York. As of the end of this year, Maple Hill has now reached over 100 farms to cultivate its products.

Tim Joseph, Founding Farmer & CEO, Maple Hill Creamery"Maple Hill Creamery is challenging conventional thinking that you can't produce milk with 'just grass.' We are committed to growing a community of regenerative grass farmers and demonstrating how 100% grass-fed dairy is the 'new' organic by benefitting the cows, consumers, the farmers and the land," said Tim Joseph, Maple Hill Creamery Founding Farmer & CEO. "Partnering with Sunrise Strategic Partners is an exciting new chapter for Maple Hill. We look forward to leveraging the Sunrise team's operational expertise and industry relationships to grow the brand." 

Maple Hill stated that its grass-fed practices are a return to a “closed loop” model of farming, where dairy cows eat the food that is best for them, are allowed to socialize, and spend most of their time on pasture. Thus, Maple Hill stated that its cows live twice as long as other dairy cows, on average, and have fewer health issues. 

Maple Hill also stated there are additional environmental benefits from grass-fed dairy farming, such as improved soil and nutrient density, supported wildlife, and limited waterways pollution.

Consumers themselves also find benefits in the lipid profile of 100% grass-fed whole milk dairy products. The company stated that third-party tests have shown Maple Hill’s products to have a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids than omega-6, and beta-carotene.  

As companies and brands continue to partner throughout the industry, Deli Market News will report on strategic alignments and their impact on the market.

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