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Tillamook Asks Consumers to Say Goodbye to Big Food

Tillamook Asks Consumers to Say Goodbye to Big Food

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Tillamook is gaining quite a reputation for itself for making campaign videos a work of art. In its latest video offering, the company asks consumers to say goodbye to the “Big Food” industry, and say hello to Tillamook’s take on “Real Food.”

To watch the visually-dramatic advertisement for yourself, see the video above.

“For over 100 years, Tillamook has been committed to farmer values and making real, honest dairy. And we’re fed up with Big Food—the big talk, small print, and mystery ingredients,” the company writes on its website. “We answer only to our farmer-families, and believe real food makes the world a better and more delicious place. So we’re taking a stand.”


The video shows a symphony of processed foods from across the industry being destroyed in various creative fashions, then, abruptly, changes tone as it shows the humble Tillamook farm, families at the breakfast table, and cheese “craftsman” Dale.

To learn more about the campaign, visit the company’s website here.