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Tom Birdsall Talks 10th Annual California’s Artisan Cheese Festival

Tom Birdsall Talks 10th Annual California’s Artisan Cheese Festival

Monday, March 7th, 2016

Since 2007, more than 20,000 attendees and dozens of award-winning cheesemakers around the country have flocked to California’s Artisan Cheese Festival in Petaluma, California to experience the best handcrafted cheeses, foods, wines, and beers the community has to offer.

This year, California’s Artisan Cheese Festival will have more educational and networking opportunities, fun events, and great-tasting cheeses than ever before, as it hits a successful milestone. For ten years running, the festival has celebrated and honored the crafts of the artisan cheesemaking community and has attracted attendees from over 25 states.

California's Artisan Cheese Festival

Speaking with Tom Birdsall, Festival Founder and President, he couldn’t be more excited to kick off the festival on March 18-20, 2016.

Tom Birdsall, Founder and President, California's Artisan Cheese Festival“People really appreciate the opportunity to meet cheesemakers, chefs, and other experts to learn about cheese,” he said. “The festival is a great way to get in front of consumers who are interested in learning more about this kind of food, and make a direct connection.”

Thanks to the support of cheesemakers like Cowgirl Creamery, Marin French, Laura Chenel, Pt. Reyes Farmstead, Bellwether Farms, Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery, Cypress Grove Chevre, and chefs like John Ash and Joey Altman, the festival has grown immensely since its humble start back in 2007.

“I have to thank those who have supported us over the years,” Birdsall continued. “We have many talented, passionate cheesemakers and experts here that have truly made this festival one-of-a-kind. Every year, we get more and more coverage and it’s been exciting to see the growth we have had since we first got started.”

California's Artisan Cheese Festival

New to this year’s festival is the expansion of the popular farm and creamery tours, which will now be featured on both Friday and Saturday. In addition, the popular Cheesemongers’ Duel will make its long-awaited return this year. The duel pits cheesemongers head to head as they are asked to create The Best Bite! from a block, wedge, or bowl of artisan cheese.

California's Artisan Cheese Festival

The full schedule for the weekend event can be found by clicking here.

“The festival appeals to a broad range of people, and it’s a fun way to expose people to Petaluma,” Birdsall said. “It evolves a bit every year, and we love seeing both new and familiar faces. We hope everyone has a fantastic time this year.”

Tickets are now available for the 10th Annual California’s Artisan Cheese Festival. Click here to grab your tickets before they sell out. We’ll see you there!

California's Artisan Cheese Festival