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Vermont Creamery Introduces St. Albans Aged Cheese

Vermont Creamery Introduces St. Albans Aged Cheese

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

More cheese? Count consumers in. Artisan cheese will have a new offering to add to retail store selections soon with a new launch coming from Vermont Creamery. The company has announced the release of its newest aged cheese, St. Albans.

Allison Hooper, Co-Founder, Vermont Creamery

“St. Albans represents Vermont Creamery’s progress over the last 32 years; what began with a desire to bring a cheese to the shelves of American grocery stores grew into our company’s efforts to gain our first non-GMO verification,” said Co-Founder Allison Hooper. "With the release of this cheese, Vermont Creamery is modeling the transition of Vermont dairy farms to non-GMO feed.”

The fresh, pasteurized milk used for the aged cheese is sourced from the Paul-Lin Dairy, according to a press release, and then placed in sturdy ceramic crocks and wrapped in perforated film. The living cultures continuously develop within the rind and paste of the cheese.

St. Albans Aged Cow Milk Cheese

The aged cheese is made with 100 percent cows’ milk and has also been verified by the Non-GMO Project. This verification was achieved in part due to a partnership between Vermont Creamery and the St. Albans Cooperative, a dairy farmer group of over 300 farms and long-time producer of high-quality milk. 

Leon Berthiaume, CEO, St. Albans“We are delighted to partner with Vermont Creamery on this project," said Leon Berthiaume, CEO of the St. Albans Cooperative. “Both the Cooperative and Vermont Creamery’s reputations for providing high-quality dairy products are well known, and St. Albans becoming available to consumers nationally will enhance both of these great brands.” 

To help cultivate the new Vermont Creamery product, St. Albans Cooperative selected Paul-Lin Dairy in Bakersfield, VT, to produce the non-GMO milk for the aged cheese. This farm is run by the multi-generational Stanley family.

The ceramic crock the cheese is placed into allows the interior of the cheese becomes soft and spreadable, while the flavor simultaneously becomes more robust. This crock housing also serves as the perfect baking vessel, which allows for cheese to become perfectly roasted in the oven before consumers pair with a rustic bread.

As the artisan cheese market keeps expanding its offerings, stick with Deli Market News for the latest.

Vermont Creamery