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Vermont Creamery Takes Home 7 World Cheese Awards, Including Super Gold Prize

Vermont Creamery Takes Home 7 World Cheese Awards, Including Super Gold Prize

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

This year’s World Cheese Awards brought a slew of big wins for the iconic cheeses of Vermont Creamery. The 33-year-strong cheesemaker took home seven World Cheese Awards from the London-hosted dairy competition, including one of the coveted Super Gold awards for its Cremont aged cheese.

Adeline Druart, President, Vermont Creamery“It is a tremendous honor to be recognized on the world stage,” said Adeline Druart, the creamery’s President. “These accolades reflect the rigor, diligence, and passion of our cheesemakers and are a testament to the dedication and talent of our entire team.”

Taking home the Super Gold award highlights Cremont as one of the top 66 cheeses in the world, according to a press release, and Vermont Creamery is one of only six American cheesemakers to be awarded the honor in 2017. Named for the, “Cream of Vermont,” Cremont is the company’s take on a double-cream, aged cheese, and is made from a mix of goats’ and cows’ milk.

Vermont Creamery Cremont

The following Vermont Creamery cheeses were also recognized at the World Cheese Awards:

  • Coupole—Gold
  • Bijou—Silver
  • Bonne Bouche—Bronze
  • Crème Fraîche—Bronze
  • Fresh herb goat cheese—Bronze
  • Vanilla crème fraîche—Bronze

Since 2011, Vermont Creamery has won fourteen World Cheese Awards. This year marks the third World Cheese Award for Bijou, Coupole, and Cremont, as well as the second World Cheese Award for both Vanilla Crème Fraiche and Bonne Bouche.

Vermont Creamery Coupole

The 30th annual World Cheese Awards was held by the Guild of Fine Food in London on Saturday, November 11, hosting 250 judges from 29 different nations, and assessing over 3,000 cheeses from 35 countries. To see the full list of winners, visit, and stay tuned to Deli Market News for more coverage of the event.

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