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Whole Foods Launches New Promo, 12 Days of Cheese

Whole Foods Launches New Promo, 12 Days of Cheese

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Looking for innovative ways to drive sales and entice and educate holiday shoppers? Whole Foods Market has launched a new campaign highlighting a different artisanal cheese each of the advent calendar-style 12 Days of Cheese promotion. Each of the selected cheeses will be 50 percent off for one day during the 12-day period.

Cathy Strange, Whole Foods’ Global Cheese Buyer“Whether folks are putting together an elegant cheese board, hosting a brunch, or craving a nibble while curling up with a good book, these 12 selections will make delicious additions to any holiday tradition,” said Cathy Strange, Whole Foods’ Global Cheese Buyer. “We’re thrilled to offer these exciting cheeses at a great value, so customers can enjoy these special items while stretching their dollar.”

According to a company release, Cathy Strange, along with a team of American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professionals, selected the 12 distinctive, single-source cheeses to promote.

Whole Foods' 12 Days of Cheese

The promotion began on Monday, and features the following cheeses:

  • December 13 – Cellars at Jasper Hill, Harbison 
  • December 14 – Mons, Époisses 
  • December 15 – Vermont Creamery, Bonne Bouche 
  • December 16 – Borough Market, Stilton 
  • December 17 – Uplands Cheese Company, Pleasant Ridge
  • December 18 – Le Gruyère 
  • December 19 – Cypress Grove Chevre, Truffle Tremor 
  • December 20 – Rapin, Le Maréchal
  • December 21 – Papillon, Roquefort
  • December 22 – Mons, Camembert 
  • December 23 – Vermont Creamery, St Albans 
  • December 24 – Rogue Creamery, Flora Nelle 

Whole Foods’ cheese experts have been certified by the American Cheese Society for cheese storage and handling, nutrition, distribution, raw materials, the ripening process, the making process, and on categories and types of cheeses.

For more on innovative promotions and ways to market cheeses, and everything else deli, check back with Deli Market News. 

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