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The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Predicts the Top 5 Ways Consumers Will Enjoy Cheese this Year

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Predicts the Top 5 Ways Consumers Will Enjoy Cheese this Year

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Sales of specialty cheese continue to rise, with volume sales growing five times faster than cheese categories overall. In a press release, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board predicted the top five Wisconsin specialty cheeses it expects consumers to enjoy in the New Year.

On a Cheese Board

With the millennial market ever present, insta-worthy cheese boards are expected to be high sellers. There are 237,000 cheese board images already on the site, many of which feature Wisconsin specialty cheeses: Upland’s Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Hook’s 10-Year Aged Cheddar, Roelli™ Cheese Haus’ Dunbarton Blue®, and many others.

With Bold Flavor

To meet the ongoing popularity of Wisconsin specialty cheeses, Wisconsin cheesemakers are experimenting with bolder flavors. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board expects smoked cheese, herb and vegetable flavored cheeses, and spicy cheese to outpace the total cheese market.

Blended with Other Varieties

In an effort to gain a unique edge on the market, many cheesemakers turn to blends of Wisconsin specialty cheeses. Though swiss, burrata, and gouda are three of the fastest growing cheeses, other unique blends like Roth® Buttermilk Blue Cheese with Sartori Montamoré® and Marieke® Smoked Gouda with Clock Shadow Creamery Ricotta have experienced success as well.

For a Gourmet Snack

Beyond the mozzarella stick, gourmet cheese is the fastest growing savory snack. New products like Carr Valley Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar Cheese Stix® and BelGioioso’s Provolone Cheese & Genoa Salami Snacking Rolls have arisen to embrace this trend.

In a Meal Kit

Furthering the quick gourmet cheese trend, meal kits are an easy way for busy shoppers to integrate Wisconsin specialty cheese into their diet. One in four adults have purchased a meal kit in the last year and 70% of those who purchase them buy them again.

As specialty cheese sales continue to grow we look forward to new innovations in specialty cheese consumption.

Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board