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Wünder Creamery Adds Superdairy Quark to the Lineup

Wünder Creamery Adds Superdairy Quark to the Lineup

Friday, April 20th, 2018

There is a new star in the dairy aisle, and it is Wünder-ful. Nutrient-rich, superdairy quark by Wünder Creamery is launching in the U.S., bringing probiotics and grass-fed whole milk to end consumers and offering a snack with a naturally creamy texture that tastes great and is good for your gut.

While it has been a staple in groceries throughout Europe and Central Asia for over 20 years, what makes this launch so exciting is it is finally landing in U.S. stores. Because it isn’t so well-known throughout the U.S., a recent company press release describes it as the meeting point between non-tart yogurt and rich crème fraiche.

Kamilya Abilova, Co-Founder, Wünder Creamery"We feel that whole milk Wünder Creamery quark captures everything there is to love about this nutrient-rich superdairy," said Co-Founder Kamilya Abilova. "High protein, low sugar, and probiotics make quark a great option for a balanced diet and give it the status of the staple back home. A tad of healthy fats adds to the mouthfeel and the flavor. It's just one of those uncompromising snacks.”

With foreign roots that emphasize the high-protein content, creamy texture, and usage for creating cheese cultures; the company’s new release hones in on its origins and its added benefits. To get its product just to its liking, Wünder Creamery uses grass-fed whole milk, a special blend of cheese cultures from France, and is packed with probiotics. These play together to create a low-sugar, high-protein gut-friendly snack.

Wünder Creamery's Matcha yogurt variety

The launch starts this spring and includes blueberry, coffee, vanilla bean coconut, raspberry, and matcha flavors. They are available in 5.3 oz cups, as well as a 24 oz container for the plain option.

How will the addition of this new option disrupt the dairy game throughout the U.S. and beyond? Deli Market News will continue to report.

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