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Yooli Foods Selected to Participate in Land O'Lakes, Inc.'s Dairy Accelerator Program

Yooli Foods Selected to Participate in Land O'Lakes, Inc.'s Dairy Accelerator Program

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

School days, school days, dear old golden rule days… Yooli Foods has been selected for an educational program designed by Land O’Lakes, Inc. The program, called the Dairy Accelerator Program, provides coursework and mentorship for dairy entrepreneurs that are tailored to their needs within the dairy industry.

Yuliya Flynn, Founder & CEO of Yooli Foods (source: Samek Law Firm website)"It has been an amazing experience thus far. We are thrilled to be part of the inaugural class and to be in good company with other emerging dairy brands," said Yuliya Flynn, Founder & CEO of Yooli Foods, in a recent press release.

A wide-spread net was cast to recruit companies, and a grand total of five dairy-related companies have been selected to participate in the innovative program. Companies must use dairy as a primary ingredient in their products to have been recruited for the exciting educational opportunity.

Thanks to her Eastern European origins, Flynn’s exposure to farmer’s cheese inspired her development of a protein-rich, creamy, dairy treat, which comes in both cup and bar. The California-based snack is the product of artisan-style, Wisconsin farmer’s cheese and comes in various flavors, making it a great alternative to yogurt.

While in the mentorship program, which started on September 18th, Yooli Foods will meet and partner with business mentors, as well as attend seminars on many different topics, including brand building, finance, sales, marketing, and leadership development.

With such extensive experience in the farmer’s cheese industry, I would love to take a peek into Yooli Foods’ lunchbox when it returns to school with this prevalent program. I wonder if she wouldn't mind sharing…

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