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Yuengling's Takes Super-Premium Ice Cream On-the-Go

Orwigsburg, PA
Monday, June 27th, 2016

Picture this: It's a summer weekend and you're at the beach. You have a craving for ice cream but no simple Klondike bar will do. The kind of ice cream you desire typically comes in a pint - that is twice as much ice cream as you can eat, plus you didn't bring your own spoon. Enter Yuengling's newest product, a perfect, 8-ounce serving of super-premium ice cream complete with spoon inside the lid. The company crafted this convenient and novel "grab and go" serving to be more substansial and satisfying than other manufacturer's smaller 3.4-ounce or 5-ounce cup products.

At the moment, the ice cream is available exclusively at the Yuengling's Brewery (America's Oldest Brewery) Gift Shop and comes in their best-selling flavors: Black and Tan, Vanilla, Root Bear Float and Original Sea Salt Caramel Swirl. The company plans to roll-out distribution to convenience stores in July, 2016.

David Yuengling, President, Yuengling's Ice Cream“When we were developing this new size we wanted to cater to families that wanted the option of providing flavor options to each loved one while at the same time feeding the whole family on the go,” said David Yuengling, President, Yuengling’s Ice Cream. “We believe the 8-ounce cups hit the mark.”

Yuengling's is a family-owned company whose products have been American-made since 1920. The company has earned the distinction of "super-premium" according to the standards of the International Ice Cream Association, by having the highest-qulaity ingredients with very little overrun and higher fat content. This results in an ice cream that is creamier, richer, and smoother.

In April, Yuengling's was presented with a Gold Medal in the Premium Vanilla category at this year's Los Angeles International Dairy Competition for their Madagascar Vanilla flavor.

Bob Carlson, COO, Yuengling's Ice Cream"This is the perfect opportunity for retailers to sell a profitable option on a full pint purchase when consumers might not want full pint to eat in one sitting," said Bob Carlson, Yuengling's Ice Cream Chief Operating Officer. "This is a strong alternative."

Interested parties are invited to contact the CEO, Bob Carlson, directly. Email, or call, (570) 968-4352 x 102.

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