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Church’s Chicken’s Digital Marketing Push Pays Off

Church’s Chicken’s Digital Marketing Push Pays Off

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

After a record-breaking year on social media, Church’s Chicken® has passed 1 million fans on Facebook.  According to the company, this platform was a key target in 2015, and in this year alone, it has gained over 800,000 new fans.

Laura Reese, Director of Media and Digital, Church's Chicken"Our digital brand brings people and communities together around great food. There's no better way to do that than to be invited by our fans to be a part of their online conversation," said Laura Reese, Director of Media and Digital at Church's. "It's meaningful and it's powerful. They have a voice, and now, we are actively and deeply listening. We respond, we resolve, we connect and we build loyalty through our Facebook audience."

This year, the company’s internal digital team has worked closely with agency partners to develop a sound digital strategy around content, conversation, messaging and placement. Reese credits that strategy with the company’s 300% increase over last year. 

“Our goal to hit 1 million was fueled by significant strategy work to understand our brand archetypes. By developing and utilizing personas, we stay focused on communicating with the right people at all the right times,” explains Reese.

Churches plans to continue these social media efforts on Facebook into 2016 by continuing to develop the relationships it has built. Reese explained that platform growth would still be a goal, but that the company will shift some focus to acquiring users through its mobile app.

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