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Coborn's Builds Its Own Gluten-Free Bakery

Coborn's Builds Its Own Gluten-Free Bakery

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Coborn’s is launching into the gluten-free territory.

The retailer will initially supply 20 gluten-free baked goods across 50 of its supermarkets. Consumers can also order via the company’s online deliver service, CobornsDelivers.

You can view a brief tour of the company’s new gluten-free bakery below, with Plant Manager Bob Leuth.

Dennis Host, Vice President of Marketing, said in a press release that more and more consumers have been asking for fresh gluten-free bakery items. The decision comes at a time when more people today have gluten allergies or are simply changing their diets.

Dennis Host, Vice President of Marketing, Coborn's“We set out on a plan to build a gluten-free scratch bakery that is completely separate from our central bake shoppe and we’re excited to introduce this new product line-up to meet the needs of our guests.”

Each gluten-free product, which includes muffins, hotdog and hamburger buns, sliced white bread, cupcakes, cakes, bars, cookies, and brownies. Each product will be marked with the G Free Bakery label.

Coborn’s Kim Kockler, Food Safety & Nutrition Manager, explained that the company has gone the extra mile to ensure that its gluten-free claim holds true. This includes testing to ensure all ingredients entering and exiting the bakery are gluten-free, as well as building an entirely new gluten-free only bakery separate from its conventional bakery.

Kim Kockler, Food Safety & Nutrition Manager, Coborn's“Whether our guests choose gluten-free treats by choice or necessity, we appreciate the peace of mind in knowing that those who select our products can trust the integrity of what we’re offering,” she said.

The gluten-free bakery is in production seven days a week and production is managed by Jim Mejchrzak.

The company is actively pursuing gluten-free certification through the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO).