Natalie's Juice Company

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company is committed to providing juice that is absolutely the freshest, most incredible in taste and always maintaining the nutrition God put in the fruit. Our story begins with a juicy, ripe and mouthwatering Florida orange. We squeeze a variety of all Florida oranges – Valencia, Hamlin and Pineapple! The fruit is selected by its quality and maturity and hand-picked for freshness. We never compromise quality. A truck will arrive from the grove filled with succulent, all Florida oranges. Once the oranges are unloaded, the washing begins – these oranges are cleaned and hand selected for the highest quality juice before being sent to squeezing. At Natalie’s we hand select all of the fruit before it can be squeezed – Not all of the oranges make the cut! Natalie’s only selects the highest grade, optimum fruit for your juice. The squeezing process at Natalie’s leaves you with an orange juice that is just an orange in a bottle. The bottles get labeled and are then filled with God’s gift of nature. Once filled, the bottles are rinsed and are then ready for packing. All of our bottles, labels, bottle caps, boxes and even box tape are made in America – a certified “Product of the USA”. Natalie’s juice is delivered to customers in twenty countries across the world! And while you enjoy God’s gift of nature, the cows are busy eating the raw peel – making us the juice company with the smallest carbon foot print in the industry! The process is all a part of our purpose, producing a product that is a source of nutrition while being environmentally perfect.
330 North U.S. Highway One
Fort Pierce, FL