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7-Eleven Tries Out Mobile Ordering and Delivery with New App

7-Eleven Tries Out Mobile Ordering and Delivery with New App

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

The grocery delivery craze is taking over the consumer shopping experience, and in response, retailers are launching services across the country to meet the demand. Fresh to the game, 7-Eleven is testing on-demand ordering for delivery and in-store pickup with its new 7-ElevenNOW smartphone app at select Dallas locations. Entering the age of digital transformation with its own innovations, 7-Eleven plans to expand and enhance its shopping footprint, as well as consumers’ digital shopping experience, both in-store and out, and roll out delivery in more U.S. locations in 2018.

Joe DePinto, President & CEO, 7-Eleven“7‑Eleven has a legacy of innovation,” said Joe DePinto, President and CEO, in a press release. “We have been pioneering new trends in the convenience industry for 90 years. Our company was the first to offer coffee in to-go cups, operate 24/7 and provide a self-serve soda fountain. 7‑Eleven will always look for innovative ways to reach and excite our customers and maintain our leadership position in convenience retailing. Today, that means redefining convenience through digital innovation.”

7-Eleven Now App

Via the app, customers can choose to receive direct delivery to their location–which, if selected, the app will auto-locate the nearest participating store, and send it to a courier service who will then deliver to customers’ homes–or they may pick up their prepared order at the participating store of their choice within the 7‑ElevenNOW footprint. Customers can choose from any of the retailer’s selection of snacks, cosmetics, gift cards, home goods, beverages, and more, as well as pay for both delivery and pick-up on the app.

Gurmeet Singh, Chief Digital Officer, 7-Eleven“Today’s digitally savvy consumer expects a wide range of options right at their fingertips, and 7‑Eleven is delivering on that promise,” said Gurmeet Singh, Chief Digital Officer. “We continuously ask our consumers how we can make their lives better, and 7‑ElevenNOW is a proprietary solution to their on-demand needs. The app will enable our customers to get the products they want, when and where they want them, quickly and conveniently. This is redefining convenience.”

7‑ElevenNOW is just one of several new services implemented by the 7‑Eleven digital team as part of a companywide commitment to providing value and delight for every customer experience. The digital team is also working on a full stack digital transformation, which includes the technology customers experience, as well as the technology that works behind the scenes to ensure seamless and effortless interactions. For more information about 7‑Eleven’s other innovations, visit 7‑

With convenience behemoth 7-Eleven expanding to include grocery delivery to its services, who will be the next retailer, foodservice provider, or startup to jump on this consumer trend? Deli Market News will continue to report.