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NACS Convenience Matters Podcast to Feature William Shatner

NACS Convenience Matters Podcast to Feature William Shatner

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

William Shatner, the iconic actor most famous for playing James Tiberius Kirk, Captain of the USS Enterprise, on Star Trek, is partnering with the Association For Convenience & Fuel Retailing (NACS). Shatner has joined NACS President and CEO Henry Armour and Vice Presdient Strategic Industry Initiatives Jeff Lenard to talk about topics related to convenience retailing in the latest episode of the NACS’s Convenience Matters podcast.

Jeff Lenard, Co-Host, Convenience Matters“We are delighted with the success of the Convenience Matters podcasts and how our members download episodes to hear unique approaches to current challenges facing the industry and inspiring personal stories, as well as best practices, tips, and trends,” said Convenience Matters Co-Host Jeff Lenard, in a press release. “The average podcast listener in America consumes five different podcasts a week, and we are honored to be on so many members’ playlists—as well as playlists from listeners in 80-plus other countries.”

In the episode, entitled “William Shatner’s Take on Convenience Stores,” Shatner addresses convenience-related questions, such as what a convenience store would look like on the Enterprise and whether cup holders would have been helpful for the crew (probably more of a Jean-Luc Picard problem, since he was always sipping Earl Grey).

 Henry Armour,  President and CEO, NACS“Star Trek has an overarching guiding principle known as the ‘prime directive.’ Simply put, you can’t interfere with the internal development of alien civilizations. It was terrific to hear an icon like William Shatner violate that principle in offering both solicited—and unsolicited—advice about our industry,” added Armour.

In addition to weekly programs, the company noted, Convenience Matters also features special episodes on timely topics, such as those focused on the fueling issues related to hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which were shared with reporters across the country.

Convenience Matters also has a new user-friendly website featuring information about the podcast and its hosts as well as featuring industry leaders, partner organizations, celebrities, industry experts, and convenience store fanatics.

Henry Armour, William Shatner, & Jeff Lenard

A new Convenience Matters podcast is released every week focusing on topics related to convenience stores. Episodes of Convenience Matters can be downloaded on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and at Since its launch in 2016, the association noted, Convenience Matters episodes have been downloaded in more than 80 countries, and listenership has more than doubled over the past 10 months.

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