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The Pizza ATM is Here to Make Your Dreams Come True

The Pizza ATM is Here to Make Your Dreams Come True

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Students at Xavier University are living the dream as the first Pizza ATM™  has crossed the pond from Europe and landed on their campus.

France-based company Paline has worked with Xavier University to install a Pizza ATM™ which will serve up hot delicious pizza after hours. The machine can hold up to 70 fresh 12” pizzas and serves up customized orders on demand, satisfying student pizza cravings 24 hours a day.

The dream machine works like this: 

  • The user selects the toppings 
  • The user pays the machine with credit or debit card 
  • The machine takes a pre-made pizza base from cold storage, adds the selected toppings, bakes it, and boxes it 
  • 3 minutes later a piping hot pizza pops out

The Pizza ATM™ will be open to the public starting on August 10, though after 8 PM it will only be accessible to students and staff of the school. Eater reported that the anticipated sales will be around 300 pizzas a day.

What will the impact of this machine be? According to Paline's website, the Pizza ATM™ is ideal for pedestrian-heavy environments, colleges, large offices, truck stops, rest areas, amusement parks, limited service hotels, remote locations, airports, gas stations, and retailers.

Europe has had these machines for 14 years, but now the U.S. can finally tout pizza on our line up of convenience vending machines, along with cupcakes, froyos, and baguettes.

Stay tuned to Deli Market News for all the latest advancements in deli technology.