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Weight Watchers Rivals Blue Apron with Soon-to-Launch Meal Kits

Weight Watchers Rivals Blue Apron with Soon-to-Launch Meal Kits

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

As part of its WW Healthy Kitchen™ collection, Weight Watcher (WW) International announced that it is working with fresh food industry innovator FreshRealm, LLC, to create and distribute convenient, healthy, quick-prep meal kits.

The new collection includes a multiplicity of products, content, and experiences, all aimed at making healthy cooking and eating easier, either at home or on the go, according to a recent press release. The collection and individual products will be available to retailers in the second half of 2018.

Mindy Grossman, President & CEO, Weight Watchers"At WW, our goal is to be a partner to everyone on their pursuit toward healthier living," said Mindy Grossman, President and CEO of Weight Watchers. "We know people today need the tools, inspiration, and community to develop healthy habits in their day-to-day lives. Whether through a collection of delicious and satisfying recipes, custom WW kitchen tools, or fresh, quick-prep meal kits, we are delivering the solutions that make healthy eating and cooking accessible, easier, and simpler for all."

Weight Watchers BBQ Chicken Salad

The WW Healthy Kitchen line will also include branded tools and products developed with Gibson Overseas, Inc. and WW Freestyle™ inspired recipes curated by new WW member and brand ambassador Chef Eric Greenspan.

Sal Gabbay, CEO, Gibson Overseas, Inc"For generations, our mission at Gibson has been to provide customized solutions," said Sal Gabbay, CEO of Gibson Overseas, Inc. "It's powerful to know by partnering with WW to develop this distinct and superior line of products and tools, we will make a significant impact on people's lives. These products are simple, convenient, and specifically tailored to help people eat healthier on their journey to health."

With the meal kits, WW and FreshRealm hope to make healthy cooking accessible to everyone, even those who live busy lives.

Michael Lippold, Founder & CEO, FreshRealm"There has been a shift in what people demand as it relates to the food they consume; people are busier so they want convenience, but they also desire fresh foods—whether they are on-the-go or at home with their family," said Michael Lippold, Founder & CEO of FreshRealm. "We're working closely with WW to deliver on all these points with a distinguished product line of healthy and delicious quick-prep meals."

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