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505 Southwestern® Introduces New Line of Salsas

505 Southwestern® Introduces New Line of Salsas

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

A great way to bring a little warmth to the cool winter season here in the Northern Hemisphere is with a tasty, tantalizing salsa. And 505 Southwestern® (505SW™) has its place in my basket this fall. The company is upping its ante this month and unveiling a new line of tomato-based salsas with Southwestern flare: Thick ’N Chunky, Salsa Casera, and Salsa Picante. These new items pay homage to the company’s New Mexican heritage.

Rob Holland, Executive Chairman, 505 Southwestern®“We recognized many popular brands often use sugars, dyes, and artificial flavors in their recipes, so we created salsas that only use the freshest, highest quality ingredients,” Rob Holland, Executive Chairman, shared. “And at 505SW, we believe that everything is better with green chile—which is precisely why we incorporated green chiles straight from the Hatch Valley into each of these distinctly different red salsas.”

The new product line is being rolled out in Albertsons and Safeway stores in the Intermountain Region with wider distribution slated for 2021, according to a press release.

505 Southwestern® is unveiling a new line of tomato-based salsas with Southwestern flare: Thick ’N Chunky, Salsa Casera, and Salsa Picante

Check these new recipes out!

  • Thick ’N Chunky - This salsa is a Southwestern take on the classic with hand-picked serranos and jalapeños and just the right amount of Hatch Valley roasted green chile. The salsa has fresh diced tomatoes and a fresh-from-the-garden flavor
  • Salsa Casera - This recipe is an authentic Mexican salsa made from a traditional homemade Mexican recipe with a Southwest twist that includes serrano peppers blended with a taste of Hatch Valley roasted green chile
  • Salsa Picante - This item is a Texas original with a touch of Southwestern flavor blending hand-picked jalapeño peppers and Hatch Valley green chile with a variety of spices

The salsas are 100 percent made in New Mexico. Each new salsa features 505SW’s signature hatch green chiles and uses only fresh, natural ingredients. In addition, the new products, along with the rest of 505SW’s offerings, have no artificial preservatives, flavors, or thickeners, nor any chemical stabilizers.

I'll take a little heat any day of the week, and I imagine retailers will be keen to warm up their sales this fall as well.

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