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Ambriola's Phil Marfuggi Discusses Two New Products

Ambriola's Phil Marfuggi Discusses Two New Products

Monday, July 1st, 2019

Were you among all of us wide-eyed attendees making our way through the maze of innovations, product debuts, and networking industry members this past weekend? If so, we probably rubbed elbows once or twice—and probably while standing at the Ambriola booth, a.k.a. where I spent most of my time gorging on the company’s exciting new releases.

I caught up with Phil Marfuggi, CEO and President, to find out more about the new products Ambriola was showcasing on the show floor, including the Auricchio Riserva Esclusiva brand Moliterno wheel and pre-cut wedge and the Auricchio brand CREMA items.

Phil Marfuggi, CEO and President, Ambriola “Ambriola always looks forward to meeting up with a number of specialty retailers who purchase our Locatelli and Auricchio brand products at a number of our distributors across the country every Fancy Food show,” Phil told me. “The Fancy Food shows in New York and San Francisco give us a chance to present new items and also connect with the specialty retailers across the country.”

The Moliterno wheel and wedge—which Phil noted is his favorite cheese—is an excellent table cheese made from both sheep’s milk and goat’s milk that is produced in Ambriola’s factory in Sardinia, Italy. The new Crema items, on the other hand, are a spreadable cheese made with DOP cheeses from various parts of Italy. Each flavor—including Parmigiano Reggiano, Parmigiano Reggiano with Truffle, Provolone, Taleggio, Gorgonzola, and Asiago—is available in 5.3 oz tub for retail and now introducing a 1.1 lb tub for foodservice.

The new Crema items are a spreadable cheese made with DOP cheeses from various parts of Italy

“This past weekend, attendees were able to experience and taste some of our cheeses that they might not be familiar with like Moiliterno, Pecorino with Truffle, our Crema Spreads, and our Italian Snack cheese, Cremezzo, which is a mild provolone,” Phil continued. “In addition to tasting our line of cheeses from Italy, attendees also had the chance to meet Alberto and Antonio Auricchio form Auricchio SpA, fourth generation Auricchio’s now running the company.”

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