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Apex Protein Snacks Owner and CEO Steven McBee Details New Portfolio Additions

Apex Protein Snacks Owner and CEO Steven McBee Details New Portfolio Additions

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022

Snacking culture really hit its stride as of late. With consumers either always on the run or needing a quick fix to get that burst of nutrition, providing snacks that appeal to both flavor and convenience can make products jump from shelf to basket. Apex Protein Snacks is keeping both requirements in mind as it released its latest flavors, KC BBQ and Cinnamon Apple Meat Bar.

Steven McGee, Chief Executive Officer, Apex Protein Snacks“Our KC BBQ was so popular that it sold out quickly,” Steven McBee, Owner and Chief Executive Officer, tells me. “We have restocked since then, and it is now available for order. With our wide range of flavors available, retailers can capture consumer interest with our unique and delicious SKUs. For shoppers looking for a sweeter offering, our brand-new product, Cinnamon Apple Meat Bear, just dropped, and it joins our Meat Bars line.”

KC BBQ boasts 9 g of protein per 1.5 oz Meat Stick. With 3 g of sugar and 90 calories each serving, shoppers will be reaching for this 12 ct box to keep on hand as they run out the door.

Apex Protein Snacks recently revealed KC BBQ Meat Stick to its protein-packed portfolio, a sold-out flavor now back in stock

Cinnamon Apple also provides the macronutrients shoppers want while satisfying that sweet tooth—I, for one, am that demographic. Blending savory with sweet, the new flavor packs 16 g of protein, real apple pieces, and no added sugars or fillers.

The brand’s adventurous curation will be high on shoppers’ lists, as Apex is perfect for the outdoor lover or flavor seeker looking to satisfy their need for a healthy snack that is sugar-free, gluten-free, filler-free, Keto-friendly, and convenient. Apex’s flavor profile ranges in both flavor and type of protein. Consumers looking for variety will be eager to try out the range of SKUs available in bars, bites, biltong, and sticks.

“Apex is different amongst competitors due to the high protein content and minimal processing. It doesn’t drip with grease and is well portioned,” Steven continues. “Our product is made in the U.S., and it is designed for adventuring outdoors or anywhere in between.”

Adding to its vast flavor profile, Apex introduced Cinnamon Apple Meat Bar for shoppers looking to have some sweet with savory

With 9–16 g of protein and 90–105 calories per serving, shoppers will reach for Apex because it is just the thing to fuel their day. And with the allure of Beef | KC BBQ gracing shelves once more—in addition to the new Cinnamon Apple—this is one brand to keep in stock as the weather warms and consumers venture outdoors once more.

“We have noticed our customers love our product because it is very convenient to eat and keeps you full due to the high protein content,” concludes Steven. “From outdoor hunting to training in the gym, our meat sticks are great for any outing.”

Excuse me while I try to snag some for myself.

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