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Atalanta Unveils a New Kind of Food Experience

Atalanta Unveils a New Kind of Food Experience

Friday, February 26th, 2021

It’s time to start packing your bags, as Atalanta has taken trade shows to the streets of Italy—the virtual streets, that is. With the help of Virtually Anywhere, the company has just launched an online showroom to provide the trade show experience straight to customers’ devices.

Tom Gellert, President, Atalanta (Photo credit: Saint Joseph’s University)“We miss creating the connections that we are used to creating,” said President Tom Gellert. “So in 2021, our 76th year of doing business, we have evolved to find new ways to celebrate and showcase the wonderful products from our supplier partners that help nourish communities all across the country.”

The new 360-degree showroom is inspired by the cobblestone streets of Europe, according to a press release, and allows customers to engage with the brand at any time and anywhere. They can take a virtual stroll through Italy, Holland, Switzerland, and more, all while having the company’s latest trends, innovations, and marketing support right there at their fingertips.

Atalanta has just launched a new online showroom to bring the trade show experience straight to customers’ devices

As an importer, trade shows have become vital to showcasing the brand’s vast and impressive portfolio. With the recent pandemic halting or delaying many of these events, bringing the trade show experience to the screens of customers everywhere has become crucial.

Marissa DeMaio, Director of Marketing, Atalanta“We’re an organization that’s well known for our presence at trade shows. Whether it’s SFA’s Fancy Food Shows, Pizza Expo, or IDDBA shows,” said Director of Marketing, Marissa DeMaio. “We’re a staple on many show floors where we can showcase the latest products and marketing support we can provide.”

Customers can begin their virtual travels and explore the new Atalanta experience online now.

With the world rapidly changing before our eyes, what other new innovations will evolve into the dairy, deli, and specialty sectors? Keep an eye out for Deli Market News as we report.