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AYO Almondmilk Yogurt Elevates Category

AYO Almondmilk Yogurt Elevates Category

Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

The dairy case has consistently become more accessible to a wider range of consumers as companies elevate the importance of serving plant-based foods. With an organic almond base, AYO Almondmilk Yogurt is low in sugar and probiotic-rich with live active cultures. Not only do the company’s offerings speak to accessibility, but they place health at the forefront of eating experiences.

Matt Billings, Founder, AYO Almondmilk Yogurt“We set out to make a high-quality yogurt with our family-grown almonds as a base,” says Founder and third-generation organic almond farmer Matt Billings. “We’ve succeeded in creating a vegan yogurt that is nutrient-dense, with the health benefits of twenty almonds per cup and rich probiotics.”

A press release explained that every cup of AYO Almondmilk Yogurt has three vegan live active cultures: lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp., bulgaricus streptococcus thermophilus, and Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis, or BB-12, supplied by Chr Hansen, a preeminent source of probiotics worldwide. Studies support BB-12’s health benefits for adults, such as better immune and oral health, promoting healthy cholesterol levels in the body, and increased bowel movements for adults and the elderly. Specific to babies, studies support significantly less fussing and crying and fewer instances of dry and scaly skin.

With an organic almond base, AYO Almondmilk Yogurt is low in sugar and probiotic-rich with live active cultures

Additionally, AYO Almondmilk Yogurt packs the power of 20 almonds in every cup. These are not just any almonds; they have been lovingly grown on the AYO third-generation organic family almond farm. The Billing’s dedication to this “Farm to Spoon” philosophy is born from their understanding of the power of the almond. Not only are almonds packed with fiber and good fat (9 of 14 grams per serving is monounsaturated “heart-healthy” fat), but they also contain many essential nutrients: Vitamin E, Manganese, and Magnesium as well as others. The health benefits of almonds are vast and include lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels.

Beyond the nutrient density and probiotic richness, AYO is much lower than some other yogurts on the glycemic index, is high-fiber, low-fat, and features low calories. AYO has a vanilla yogurt option and three flavors made from organic fruit: sun-ripened blueberry, strawberry, and peach. They are all topped off with a lightly toasted almond flavor and all with a smooth, creamy texture.

Eager to bring more traffic to your dairy set? Consider bringing in plant-based products like those supplied by AYO, and watch as those register rings rise.

AYO Almondmilk Yogurt