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AYO Yogurt Extends Retail Distribution Footprint to Erewhon Markets; Matt Billings Details

AYO Yogurt Extends Retail Distribution Footprint to Erewhon Markets; Matt Billings Details

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

Erewhon Market is known for its organic offering, celebrity sightings, and now, for carrying AYO Yogurt. The yogurt company recently inked a deal with the grocer, which will be providing AYO Yogurt in seven of its Los-Angeles area stores.

Matt Billings, Founder, AYO Yogurt“AYO Yogurt is the perfect fit for Erewhon, a store that delivers the highest-quality healthy foods to its customers. We pride ourselves on making yogurt like no other. AYO is super nutrient-dense, full of fiber, but not packed with sugar like other yogurts,” remarked Founder and fourth-generation organic almond farmer Matt Billings.

According to a release, AYO is available as a single-serve size in four flavors: organic vanilla, sun-ripened blueberry, strawberry, and peach. Each flavor is topped off with a lightly toasted almond flavor and a smooth, creamy texture.

AYO Yogurt expands its distribution footprint to seven Erewhon Market stores in the Los Angeles area

The yogurt itself was created by the Billings family, all of whom hale from California’s San Joaquin Valley. The company is proud to note that every cup of AYO Yogurt contains 20 organic almonds and 25 percent of your RDA of fiber, meaning it is a true “farm to spoon” yogurt.

The yogurt is also lower in sugar and high in gut-boosting probiotics. For those who treat themselves to it, they can’t stop speaking of its light, creamy texture and delicious fruit and vanilla flavors.

Clean, organic, and sustainably harvested, the company explained that AYO is the perfect addition to Erewhon’s lineup of nutritious and organic products. The products are dairy-free, vegan, and probiotic-rich, with three vegan live active cultures.

Where will AYO show up next?

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