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BelGioioso Cheese Introduces New Artigiano® Gourmet Snacks and Crumbles

BelGioioso Cheese Introduces New Artigiano® Gourmet Snacks and Crumbles

Monday, November 2nd, 2020

New flavors are taking over the cheese case thanks to BelGioioso Cheese. In response to the growing demand for snacking and flavored cheeses, the cheesemaker is introducing its new Artigiano® Gourmet Snacks and Crumbles in Balsamic & Cipolline Onion and Vino Rosso flavors.

Sean Moran, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, BelGioioso Cheese“We are seeing flavored cheeses growing faster than the overall specialty cheese category, and snacking continues to be a traffic driver as well,” says Sean Moran, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Artigiano’s exceptional award-winning quality and unique flavors have been well received by consumers. These new snack sizes and crumbles are sure to stand out in the deli case.”

Artigiano, which means Artisan in Italian, is carefully hand-crafted and aged to achieve its distinct flavor, aroma, and fine crystalline texture. The new enrobed Gourmet Snack Cheeses are individually wrapped for a convenient 80-calorie on-the-go snack. The new 8 oz Crumbled Twist Tie Bags are a gourmet option for flavor enhancements on pasta, salads, or soups.

According to the press release, over 95 percent of people snack twice per day, and snacking cheese sales are now over 10 percent of specialty cheese sales. Flavored artisan cheeses are also seeing explosive growth, and Artigiano Gourmet Snacks and Crumbles offer unique, first-of-its-kind offerings to the category.

The Gourmet Snacks come in a pack size of 10/5.28 oz bags with 8/0.66 oz individually wrapped packages of Artigiano Balsamic Cipolline or Vino Rosso. Shelf-life is 90 days with a suggested retail price of $3.99–4.99 per 5.28 oz package. For the Artigiano Crumbles, it comes in 12/8 oz Crumbled Twist Tie Bags in Artigiano Balsamic Cipolline or Vino Rosso flavors. The shelf-life is also 90 days and the suggested retail price is $4.99–5.99 per each 8 oz package.

With new releases coming ahead of the holidays, what can we expect next from the dairy, deli, and specialty sectors? Keep checking back to find out the latest.

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