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Bitchin' Sauce Expands Line at 7-Eleven, Adds New SKUs

Bitchin' Sauce Expands Line at 7-Eleven, Adds New SKUs

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

Bitchin' Sauce recently rolled out a new, on-the-go line called Bitchin' Snacks® in 7-Eleven's Sips & Snacks Program. Now, 7-Eleven has authorized Bitchin' Sauce in all 1,300 of its Southern California locations. To support the expansion, Bitchin' Sauce has hired a team of five c-store specialists to maintain the strong movement the company has seen in the initial 350+ stores.

Starr Edwards, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bitchin' Sauce (Photo credit: San Diego Business Journal)"We're so excited to bring our Bitchin' Snacks to a wider audience," remarked CEO and Founder, Starr Edwards. "We view healthy snacking as a big part of the future, and are happy to team up and find alignment with 7-Eleven."

According to a press release, Bitchin' Snacks pairs Bitchin' Sauce's Original and Chipotle flavors with either tortilla chips or fresh carrots, creating a total of four new SKUs. Both flavors, the company noted, are well known throughout the nation as top-selling SKUs in over 6,500 retail partners.

Bitchin’ Sauce recently rolled out a new, on-the-go line called Bitchin’ Snacks® in 7-Eleven's Sips & Snacks Program

The new line of Bitchin' Snacks follows a summer of innovation, where Bitchin' Sauce launched a new line of Sweet Sauce, available in Whole Foods nationwide, and a new line of Bitchin' Squeezers. The Sweet Sauce comes in three flavors: Apple Pie, Chocolate, and Salted Caramel. The Bitchin' Squeezers have two flavors: Chipotle and Original.

All of these successes are in line with what Bitchin' says is a long doubling trend for year-over-year growth, as the company continues to see growth surges.

Deli Market News will continue to discover the latest in snacking innovations, so stay tuned.

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