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Bolthouse Farms Returns Seasonal Favorite to Shelves

Bolthouse Farms Returns Seasonal Favorite to Shelves

Monday, November 11th, 2019

The holidays bring with it a robust tradition of food, and the classic dishes and beverages we serve throughout the season have something for everyone. But there is one that has gathered an impressive following of fervent devotees. Eggnog has long graced the punch bowls at holiday parties, and Bolthouse Farms’ returning limited-edition Holiday Nog delivers everything that makes a good nog great—and then some.

This season, Bolthouse Farms has brought back its Holiday Nog, just in time for the leaves to change colors. The nog lets consumers indulge, because unlike many other nogs, Bolthouse Farms’ is a better-for-you option. The beverage contains only 12 grams of sugar, 80 calories, and four grams of protein, according to a press release. With these attributes, consumers can enjoy a glass of rich, creamy eggnog without the extra calories and fat found in other brands.

Bolthouse Farms is bringing back its limited-edition Holiday Nog that delivers everything that makes a good nog great—and then some

While the Holiday Nog contains no artificial colors or preservatives, it does have a little spice that makes it extra nice—in the form of Bolthouse Farms’ signature carrot juice. The pinch of juice is what pushes the Nog over the edge, as a treat that is both naughty and nice.

The Holiday Nog can be found in the refrigerator section at several different grocery retailers.

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