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California Olive Ranch Revamps Operations

California Olive Ranch Revamps Operations

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

There is so much exciting news happening over at California Olive Ranch (COR) that I hardly know where to begin. Some of its initial announcements included a new packaging design and an innovative technology investment that reaffirms its commitment to consumer transparency. The company has also completed one of its largest California olive tree plantings in recent years and launched new environmental sustainability initiatives, including a commitment to regenerative agriculture and converting over 320,000 olive trees to organic production.

Michael Fox, Chief Executive Officer, California Olive Ranch"We are always pushing to help consumers understand what to expect from our diverse line of products," said Michael Fox, CEO. "Our labels were industry-leading in their transparency before and now with our new, more modern design are even more accurate, simple, and clear."

The brand's new, more modern looking labels help shoppers better understand the taste profile and flavor intensity of each product, while also continuing to provide clear front-of-pack information on the different sources of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) across the company's various 100 percent California and global blended product lines. The new labels will appear in stores over the next several months, according to a press release.

California Olive Ranch recently unveiled a new packaging design, an innovative technology investment, and one of the largest olive tree plantings in recent years

The rebrand includes the company’s 100% California and 100% California Reserve collections, the Global Blend collection, and a new culinary line that includes the company's new Baking Blends and Keto Blends. New tasting notes and intensity cues were added to the products to give consumers additional assistance in understanding the flavor differences across the profiles.

"Our mission has always been to offer the highest quality extra virgin olive oil at an accessible price point," said Fox. "All of our extra virgin olive oils are crafted to the California Department of Food and Agriculture Standard, which is the strictest olive oil standard for quality and purity in the world."

COR is also developing a new, industry-leading technology solution that will bolster its commitment to transparency even further. Slated to roll out later this year, this new technology will give consumers even more insight into the source of the oil they purchased and the specific quality and purity certifications and attributes. The technology will also help educate consumers on creative uses, as well as the unique health benefits of each EVOO in the company's portfolio.

The rebrand also includes a new culinary line that includes the company's new Baking Blends and Keto Blends

Below is a brief highlight of the large initiatives the company is pursuing in terms of sustainability. The company's first environmental impact report will be produced by the end of the year, providing more insight into these practices:

  • The company has rolled out regenerative soil practices like planting a diverse cover crop, no to minimal tilling, reusing tree trimmings and olive pomace in its compost, minimal mowing, inoculating soil with a proprietary microbe "compost tea" to increase soil life and health, and reducing/eliminating reliance on synthetic fertilizers. The company is partnering with leading California universities and state resource centers to further study and analyze the positive impact these practices will have on the soil health and environment
  • COR has recently completed the planting of over two million olive trees in California with family-owned farms across the state. Research from the International Olive Council indicates that olive trees could have a meaningful impact on sequestering carbon from the air. COR has initiated its own research to better understand the positive benefits of the company's modern farming and harvesting techniques in calculating its impact on California's greenhouse gas emissions
  • COR has started the transition of more than 320,000 olive trees to organic farming practices. When the conversion is complete, COR would be one of the leading farmers of olives for USDA certified organic 100 percent California EVOO

"We are committed to helping grow the California olive oil industry and are making investments across our organization to understand and apply the latest thinking in environmental sustainability to our farming practices," said Fox. "We are also expanding our investments in regenerative agriculture to actively improve the condition of our natural resources, not just sustaining them."

With growth as wide-ranging as this, there is no telling where the company will go next. Keep an eye out for more reports from Deli Market News as we investigate.

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